More women in leadership

In anticipation of the national free and secrete suffrage on 25 May 2015, a start was made on 24 May 2014 under the auspices of STAS International with a national awareness campaign focused on getting more women in leadership positions. Based on the world quota of at least 30%, the objective was to have at least 30% of women:
Placed on the lists of political parties that participated
Included as part of The National Assembly in line with the world quota of 30%
Appointed in supervisory boards
Appointed in management of semi-governmental institutions and other bodies
Appointed in the judiciary
Appointed in the Council of Ministers
Appointed in boards in the private sector
In management of the Trade Union

STAS International initiated, coordinated and implemented this entire project. In addition to the catchy look and feel, the payoff MORE WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP transformed into a brand of its own that became well-known in all layers of society. The communication strategy included a range of different activities, including visits to chairpersons of political parties, huge billboards in all districts, 6 live TV MORE WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP debates with politicians and the private sector, supporting media activities and a major online campaign for the presentation of the female candidates of all parties. With the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands as the major donor of the MORE WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP campaign and the support of the United Nations Development Fund (UNDP) as the main donor of the project “More Women in Decision Making” of the National Assembly, a successful collaboration was developed between STAS International and The National Assembly. The MORE WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP Campaign became a prestigious branding campaign for more female leadership in Suriname and the results were immensely successful: a total of 180 women on the lists of political parties and after the elections participation of women in The National Assembly increased from 5% to 29,8% and in other bodies the representation of women increased to an average of 25%. The closing of the MORE WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP campaign included a presentation of the success in The National Assembly and a film produced by STAS International titled “Because of them…” in which these female advocates were rightfully immortalized.

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