Balans in 2020

Balance in 2020
Against the backdrop of the huge success of the MORE WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP campaign, STAS International was approached by the Government of Suriname to initiate, coordinate and implement a similar project. With the United Nations Development Fund (UNDP) as the main donor of the Government of Suriname, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands selected STAS International to lead this project. For this project, the idea was to not only include women, but also young people in Suriname and especially include first time voters on the political agenda for the branding activities in the period leading up to 25 May 2020, the day of the national free and secret suffrage in Suriname. STAS International initiated, coordinated and implemented the national awareness campaign “Balance in 2020”. Through the cooperation with the UNDP as co-donor, the communication strategy was extended with a Youth Debate, as well as 6 Live TV debates between political parties and billboards. “Balance in 2020” can also be labeled as “hugely successful”, reaching 30% of young people, women in The National Assembly, the Council of Ministers, the State Council and other bodies. The fact that after this campaign political leaders mentioned “gender equality” in one breath with article 1 in the Constitution, namely “regardless the difference in religion, race and ethnicity” indicates that “more female leadership” is considered the norm. “Balance in 2020” has set the tone!

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